Tool: Build QSAR Model
Name:Build QSAR Model on data 1
Created:Jun 03, 2016
Filesize:186 bytes
Galaxy Tool Version:1.0.0
Tool Version:
Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:0
API ID:4a660e0140ec9165
Full Path:/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/008/dataset_8455.dat

Input Parameter Value Note for rerun
Select File containing descriptors 1: d.tsv
Enter the column header whose value to be predicted Activity
Perform preprocessing Exclude Correlated Descriptors Exclude Identical Conformers Exclude Inactive Compounds Exclude Sparse Conformers Exclude Sparse Descriptors Exclude Descriptors with zeros
Enter percentage of bins the compounds are divided to when performing cross-validation. 3 fold
Enter the number of repetitions for the cross-validation procedure 5
Select Collinearity cutoff 0.2

Inheritance Chain

Build QSAR Model on data 1