Tool: Generate Ligplot
Name:Generate Ligplot on data 1
Created:Jul 26, 2019
Filesize:54.2 KB
Galaxy Tool Version:1.0.0
Tool Version:
Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:0
API ID:c223c9e010a4809b
Full Path:/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/023/dataset_23664.dat

Input Parameter Value Note for rerun
select ligand-receptor file 1: 2fum.pdb
enter residue1 id for ligand 539
enter residue2 id for ligand 539
Enter Chain Id A
Enter the maximum H-A distance for H-bonding 2.9
Enter the maximum D-A distance for H-bonding 3.9

Inheritance Chain

Generate Ligplot on data 1